2021 Retractable Skateboarding Shoes

We are shoes manufacturer which keep abreast with top fashion trends and innovative technology of the world. We have spent several years on the research and development of this inspring kick roller shoes. We believe it can be helpful for passengers during the COVID-19 period.

Kick Roller Shoes Are Next Generation of Walking Shoes

Thanks to the talent of outstanding designers and Masters, our factory can finally bring this roller kick shoes to mass consumers. We warmly welcome kind comments from all customers.

  • Genius retractable design make the shoes appearance same as normal styles.
  • More than 10 colorways to meet the selection of customers.
  • It is a perfect combination of common walking shoes and skating shoes.
  • It facilitates passenger transportation during special period.

This Trend is Set to Continue

After working in the shoes-making industry for nearly 20 years, we are happy that we are able to introduce this innovative shoes model to the market. We believe it can bring great conveniences for mass consumers.

It not only eases the walking pressure when people are doing outdoor activities, but also makes youngsters look cute with a pair of retractable skating shoes on their feet.

This is just a beginning of a long journey. It is for sure that we are going to bring more products for our customers.