As a special design of shoes, the price of roller kick shoes is higher than common ones. It is important for buyers to identify true quality and manufacturer.

Lover Skating Kick Roller Shoes Male Walking Footwear Black Blue Outdoor Parkour Sneakers is dedicated to the sales of roller kick shoes. Please find the advantages of our roller kick shoes as follows:

1. High quality of materials adopted for production.
Upper:microfiber leather
Sole:MD + rubber sole

The upper is microfiber leather, which is durable and comfortable to the skin. It gives your feet a good wearing experience.

The comfortable middle upper effectively protects the ankle and has a nice wrapping effect.

The wheels bounce 90% to the ground. They are highly elastic and wear-resistant. They can turn accurately and retract within one second.

2. is specialized in the distribution of roller kick shoes. We only sell this kind of shoes on this website, although we are able to supply many other types of shoes. We wish to make it as a professional and efficient operation.

3. Decent shipping method and speed. As an active player in the traditionally international trade and upsurging E-commerce for many years, we are able to select best shipping method to balance the shipping cost and speed according to different destinations.

4. Careful customer support. We clearly show the size instructions on the product page so that the buyers can select correct size of the roller kick shoes. We will notify the customer with the tracking number as soon as the shoes are shipped. We will also send a video guide so our customer can have a clear idea on how to use our roller kick shoes.

Happy shopping :)