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Balenciaga Women Shoes Size Chart

Balenciaga Women Shoes Size Chart

Our Balenciaga shoe size chart shows sizes for USA, UK, Europe, Australia and Japan, and you can determine your size in inches and centimeters as well.

To many people like us who have been engaged in the shoes industry for long time, the designer brand Balenciaga is a special existence. The shoes models from Balenciaga are one mile away from outstanding design or cutting-edge techonology. Frankly speaking, the classic model Triple S is even a little ugly because the combination of upper is somewhat complicated and the outsole is also considerably heavier than normal ones.

Some people say the TRACK series of Balecnciaga is their best design. This model is decent when it comes to the harmony and sense of beauty. It is true that TRACK series of Balecnciaga look to be normal compared with their other models.

In my eyes, the main contribution from Balenciaga to the shoes design and industry at large is the Balenciaga Speed Trainer. The high knitting and MD sole is a completely new combination for shoes design. It looks to be sharp especially for girls and it is light in terms of weight.

Anyway, it is rather interesting to us why Balenciaga can be so popular based on the design power they are giving out. They are a little ugly in the view of many consumers and shoes specialists but they are attracting the attention of the youngsters. Balenciaga has been one of the top fashion symbols in recent years. It can be a chosen subject for making research on the consumer behaviour of new generations.

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