Retractable roller skate shoes are really cool. Shortly after our videos appeared on Youtube and Tiktok, they got a lot of attention from consumers especially girls.

Indeed these retractable shoes can turn girls to angels. They look to be so cute when they have retractable roller skate shoes under their feet.

Girls can move, slide and skate freely with such a pair of shoes. According to the sales record, most sales of retractable roller skate shoes are from female consumers.

Based on the feedback from customers, we would like to make an unbiased review of retractable roller skate shoes as below.


1. Retractable roller skate shoes can greatly ease the pain of walking. If the ground condition of your trip is good, you can skate all the way without a skating board. It will turn a period of routine walk into a short time of quick move and easy experience.

2. Roller skate shoes can make girls more cute. It also adds some height when some girls are not tall.

3. Since retractable roller skate shoes are special design of shoes. You can win a lot of attention when you wear them and appear in the public.


4. It takes extra technique and labor to produce retractable roller skate shoes, so their price is higher than common shoes.

5. Because of the weight of wheels, the total weight of retractable roller skate shoes is heavier than that of normal shoes.

Warm tips: if you do not plan to skate with such retractable shoes all day, it is better for you to carry a backpack. When the ground is not flat and you can not skate with it, you can retract the wheels and place the shoes in the backpack :)